Caleris's photos

davidwaterfall.jpg Caleris at one of 4 waterfalls at his grandparent's farm.
davidq.jpg Caleris/Brooks posing with a friend's bird on his head.
David1.jpg Caleris/Brooks modelling his Dr. Seuss hat.
davetv.jpg Caleris watching TV. Judging from the pensive look on his face, something is on that's actually thought-provoking.
daveferkli.jpg Caleris with some friends at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.
davechristmas.jpg Caleris at Christmas time. Looks to me like he's trying a bit too hard to get onto Santa's "nice" list. ;-)
dave.jpg Caleris at his computer.
coney.jpg Caleris and Bob looking a little... peaked. (They must be from France.)
bobpenguin.jpg This is Bob the penguin. Bob says hi.
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